Retail Brands with Your Logo

October 22, 2019

There is power and appeal with retail brands like Marmot, Under Armour, Moleskin, and Camelbak (to name just a few). People gravitate towards these brands as they are on trend and heavily sought after. So why not brand alongside?

Whether it’s outfitting a team, new employee on-boarding gifts, or a company store, the best branded merchandise are lifestyle pieces such as water bottles, apparel, notebooks, and bags. So why not add perceived value by using recognizable brands your target audience already identifies with!

Below are a few notable options and a glimpse into retail gear you can brand.


Corporate Lifestyle

From right to left: Roots73, Moleskin, RueMe, and Welly

Outdoor Lifestyle

From right to left: Marmot, Igloo, Thule, NorthFace, and Camelbak

Athletic Lifestyle

From right to left: Nike, Puma, and Under Armour

Branding merchandise involves strategy. Choosing quality products that appeal to your audience, all while prioritizing your budget, are important aspects in promotional marketing. Our industry offers endless options to help you meet that goal!

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