Noteworthy Clearance

January 20, 2020

Are you looking for a great giveaway for a trade show, superb client gifts or budget friendly gear? Merchandise that is recognizable, quality, and functional are going to stay in the hands and sight of your audience. Yet in some cases, those items are outside of the target budget. Here’s where our Noteworthy Clearance post comes in to play. The clearance section gets overlooked and it’s a place you can find marvelous deals that have a higher perceived value, for a better price!

We did a bit of searching and showcased below a few noteworthy clearance items. Just remember, availability on these items can change quickly, so act fast!

Pricing is subject to change and does not reflect shipping or setup charges. For an exact quote, please email us!

Want help finding more clearance suggestions or interested in one of the above? Email me at:

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