Holiday Gifts

October 10, 2019

Holidays are around the corner, and we all have the same goal: finding a gift that is memorable and useful. So how can we take the lifestyle items we gravitate towards, and change them up to make them well received, appreciated, and NEW? The answer: decoration and presentation. Read on to see how you can spice up any holiday gift!

Choose a lifestyle product, and make your logo subtle and retail inspired. Example: using a woven or leather clip on a comfy knit.

Try customizing your packaging. It can upgrade any piece (or pieces) and give added value.

Create a collection. Pair items together with similar use and decoration. Focus on creating a look that is uniform. Example: Pair together some great travel tech pieces with an office notebook for those who travel while on the job.

Don’t forget, we are always up for sending additional ideas your way, so don’t hesitate to reach out! And if you find yourself in the last minute pinch this season, we’ve got you covered there too! Email me at:

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