This Month’s Five Favorites

October 7, 2019

Every first Monday of the month we will have This Month’s Five Favorites: 5 items we here at Signature sign off on as a great piece. So let’s begin and scroll down to see what October’s 5 winners are!


Tundra 1/4 Zip 

As a Minnesota based company, we understand the importance of plaid. Take a look at our unique 1/4 zip: a sweater knit fleece named the Tundra.

Northwoods Mug

Flannel print mug, flannel print 1/4 zip…a match made to merchandise! This 15oz. mug is a great addition to a customized collection, as well as a solid stand alone.

Under Armour Ladies Zinger Pullover

This piece has made it on to the top five due to its unique design as well as it being a recognizable brand. The ladies Zinger Pullover is not just fashionable, it’s comfortable as well!

The Wedge Phone Stand

This is by far a favorite for phone stands. While this piece may not categorize as budget friendly, it will outlast your standard plastic phone stands. The Wedge is like a beanbag for your phone, with a bonus microfiber bottom to clean your screen. And best yet, it’s full color sublimation and fully customizable! If you are looking for a promotional piece that will remain on a prospective clients desk and seen daily, this is a without a doubt a winner.

True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds

On any given day, you can spot someone wearing some type of headphone. And, these are being used in a lot of public spaces. However, not everyone wants to brand earbuds-logo space is minimal. But moving towards wireless, your logo will remain present as it’s on the charging case! These Bluetooth earbuds offer two ways to charge, and offer Voice Assistant Activation (Siri/Hey Google), auto pairing, and auto power on. A great option for a lifestyle piece with your logo.

And there you have it, October’s hot five. Need any other trending product ideas? Catch us at the end of this month for our Signature Concepts Trends newsletter (or email to receive this handy newsletter)!

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